Frozen & Refrigerated

Frozen & Refrigerated Food

Bagels, Sprouted Breads (healthiest) and buns. Food for Life Ezekiel, Rustics by Rudi, Berlin Spelt Breads, Cascadian, Sno Pac and more - Frozen entrees, Fruits and Veggies, OG Meats and Arctic Seafood. Frozen yogurt, ice cream (including coconut ice cream), desserts, Organic milk, Butter, vegan cheeses, Sour Cream, Soy Products, Goat cheese and yogurt, Kombucha. Large gluten-free selection.
  •    Raw Cheese
  •    Organic and free range eggs
  •    Coconut milk and kefir
  •    Pasture raised Bison and other exotic meats
  •    Free- Range chicken
  •    and so much more…